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P1X AI+Web3 Tinybrood Incubation Program

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Computing Power

Since the birth of AI-generated content, namely AIGC (GenAi), in the field of text-to-image, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney applications, the design process and ecosystem have been significantly changed. Another major breakthrough of GenAi is the large language model represented by ChatGPT, which, for the first time, made fluent language interaction generated by machines possible and will also significantly change the business automation process and ecosystem. However, GenAi technology relies on GPU computing power, so commercializing AIGC needs significant GPU support.

Training large models requires hundreds to thousands of expensive computing servers like DGX A100 (equipped with 8 A100 GPUs), costing millions of dollars and several months. Additionally, tasks such as fine-tuning based on open-source models, verticalization, and the operational inference computing required by AIGC projects all need a lot of computing resources.
P1X and AINUR believe institutions with colossal computing resources, such as major internet platforms and governments, should not control large models because it is not conducive to AI "aligning" with all humans. If training large models and improving large model services can only align with these large institutions due to computing power issues, it will be a disaster for humanity. Moreover, large models also need to be in the hands of the people or DAOs for healthy development.

P1X and AINUR's Tinybrood incubation program offers such an attempt to change the status quo. The Tinybrood plan aims to reorganize civilian low-cost computing power from Crypto mining and other sources through technological and web3 model innovations to form new AI computing resources. On this basis, whether it's AI startups or research institutions, they can develop AI's potential under a truly human-aligned value system.

The Tinybrood incubation program will launch specific support plans.
Reshaping the A.I. landscape

Basis of the Tinybrood Incubation Program

The Tinybrood AI+Web3 Incubation Program is a groundbreaking initiative in the field of artificial intelligence and Web3 technology. By addressing the critical issue of computing power accessibility, Tinybrood aims to democratize AI and ensure that the benefits of artificial intelligence are not concentrated in the hands of a few powerful entities. Tinybrood is committed to providing more cost-effective and accessible AI computing power through the use of consumer-grade GPUs.  
This approach has the potential to lower the barriers to entry for AI innovation and empower a broader range of individuals and organizations to participate in the AI ecosystem. Furthermore, the emphasis on values such as collaboration and common prosperity aligns with the broader goals of creating a decentralized AI ecosystem that benefits everyone. By leveraging blockchain Web3 economic models, Tinybrood seeks to create a collaborative AI environment where stakeholders are not mere consumers but active participants.

Tinybrood holds promise for reshaping the AI landscape, making it more inclusive and aligned with human values. Its vision of decentralized, accessible AI computing power has the potential to drive innovation and ensure that AI serves the common good.
Tinybrood Incubator

Our Value Manifesto

The project aims to achieve fair and democratic AI development through a community governance model, leveraging decentralized networks, and dispersing computing resources. The project will use the latest AI technology and open-source models to attract global developers to participate and make decisions through the DAO mechanism to democratize AI. 
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Grants Implementation Plan

We have three incubation grant plans and will launch one incubation support program every two months.
Grant A :
For POC work in the AI+Web3 field, such as tuning and vertical model training.
Grant B :
For early AI+Web3 innovation projects that have already been productized, support the cold start phase of model innovation and help achieve the flywheel effect, mainly providing scalable computing services.
Grant C :
Large-scale reorganization of the 3090 server cluster, and further based on the Tiny Grad architecture.
Grant Details


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Incubation Spotlight

Ainur is empowering people with computational power and software to coexist with AI.  Hence, Ainur introduces DAO-based GenAI, which comprises 3 crucial features:

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